Frequently asked questions

What is trip design?

As an expert traveler, I can tell traveling around Chile is not always easy. My service will take care of planning your adventure in Chile. Choosing me as your trip designer will save you time and energy, and you will discover Chile with the knowledge of a local. Don’t miss all the secrets and unexplored corners of this beautiful country.

How does it work?

I’ll ask you answer a few question that will help me curate the perfect vacation for you. Within a few days you will recieve your specially tailored trip schedule with where to go go, what to see, where to stay, what to eat, for each day of your trip.

How much will it cost?

I charge USD 40 per planned day. Also, for an extra price I can be your personal guide and interpreter on-site. I can be there to deal with transporte or any unpredictable situation that can come up.

When do I have to pay?

I will contact you after you request my services, with my suggestions and ideas and how much will that cost. If you agree, this is when the payment is made. Later, I will send you the final schedule, links for reservations, codes, complete guide on food, principal attractions, History, weather, and more useful information about your destination. etc.

Do you recieve commissions like a travel agency?

No, this is an independent service, which aim is to help visitors have a trouble free experience in Chile and suggest destinations, accomodations or excursions that best suits their own budgets, preferences and expectations.

What it is included in the plan?

According to your personal preferences and requirements, I will design a daily plan which will include:

1.- Specially curated 3 lodging options (Hotels, Cabins, Airbnb, it’s up to you)

2.- Directions on how to move around in Chile. How to best get from one place to the other. Flight, bus or private transfers information and contacts.

3.- Daily suggestion of activities and what you can’t miss in your destination, such as, major attractions, culture sites, excursions and restaurants. All according to your preferences.

Why should I trust your suggestions?

As a experienced traveler and local. I know exactly what you’re looking for when you come to Chile. Which is to be in touch with incredible unspoiled nature and to go to places most of travelers don’t go. And as a local I know where to find all that. Also, I don’t get commissions so you can trust, every suggestion will be made truly thinking about your own preferences and expectations.

What destinations do you cover?

I am chilean Patagonia expert. But I can plan for everywhere in Chile, Peru, Argentina, some places in Europe and Asia.

Why should I pay you to do the planning for me?

I know, many people enjoy the planning of a trip as much as the travel itself. But doing destination research and transport times and logistics can be a headaceh when the information available is hard to find. I can help you save time and energy by doing all that for you and design your trip according to your own preferences.

Do you make the booking?

I usually don’t do the bookings, letting you the final the decision and the freedom to use whatever platform you are most comfortable with. Although I can do it if needed.

Do you have more questions?

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