When is the best time to go to Patagonia?

One of the most frequently asked question when planning this trip seems to be: when to travel to Patagonia?, and it should be.

Due to its location the weather in the southern most tip of South America can be extreme, but so is its beauty.

Most people choose summer (December – March), because of the promise of good weather and its also holiday season for locals, so it is usually crowded, hotels and cabins are often full and so are excursions and tours.

For me, the best time to go to Patagonia is Fall (March – May). Here is why:

No crowds

Summer months is when locals and foreigners rush to Patagonia, making the prices rise and difficulting the booking of lodging and excursiones. In Fall temperatures start to drop down which is perfect for exploring. Walk the trails for hours can be hard with the sun hitting on your head. Also, the strong winds of spring and the crowds begin to wane, so all the trails and major attractions are much quieter.


As the trails start to empty from all that summer traffic, in Autumn there are more chances to spot some of the incredible wildlife of Patagonia. Pumas, condors, ñandu, pudu, and all the native inhabitants of Patagonia make their come back when its quiet.

More inspiration

Video By Timestorm Films

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