Why visit Atacama Desert?

Atacama Desert, located high up in the North of Chile, is the driest desert in the world, full of otherwordly landscapes, rich native cultures and amazing adventures.

To visit San Pedro de Atacama and its’ surroundings is a lesson about loneliness, humility and magic, tought by the greatest master of all, our mother nature.

Major attractions

Moon Valley, Death Valley, Mars Valley

These are just two of the many outerspace like landscapes you will find in Atacama Desert.

You can easily reach these places in a car from San Pedro and take a hike of a lifetime through incredible looking hills surrounded by nothing more than wind and loneliness.

If you are feeling active, you can do some snowboarding in Mars Valley.

Tatio Geysers

In local Kunza language, Tatio means “grandfather who cries”. Tatio Geysers is the largest geysers field in the southern hemisphere and the third in the whole world, just after Yellowstone in the U.S. and Kronotski in Russia.

It is located 4.320 metres high (14,170 ft) above sea level. It has extraordinary thermal activity so visitors have to be very careful.

Astronomical excursions

Atacama desert is one of the most special places on earth. It is the best spot for outer space observation because it has the clearest skies of the planet.

In fact, its home to the largest astronomical project in the world: ALMA (Atacama Large Milimeter Array).

Here its the perfect place to take an astronomic tour to learn a little bit more about our universe and to observe beyond our planets’ limits.

Salt flat Lagoons and Salt Field

There are a group of salty lagoons where you can float without even trying. Laguna Cejar water is even more salt-dense than Dead Sea.

Also, you can visit Salar de Atacama, Chile’s largest salt field, home to thousands of flamingos which find their food in this unlikely locations.

San Pedro de Atacama Town

Lovely little town, considered Chile’s archeological capital. This would be your base to explore Atacama Desert.

You can find nice little restaurants, arts and crafts shops, museums, a church and a central plaza that you can’t miss.

More inspiration

Video by Chile.Travel

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