Hidden destinations in central Chile

Most know Chile for the natural wonders found in the south or north of the country. But the truth is that the central area is also full of beautiful surprises to discover. One of them is Monjes Blancos (White Monks), Viewpoint.

Monjes Blancos Viewpoint

The Monjes Blancos viewpoint is located at kilometer 137 of route Ch115, Paso Pehuenche international road, which connects the city of Talca, the regional capital with Malargüe in Argentina.

To get there you must take the road towards the Cordillera and pass through San Clemente, in the Seventh Region of Chile. This is a good stop to stock up on food and fruits, which are generally very cheap in this area.

Just before the border and custom house you’ll find Los Monjes Blancos viewpoint (south side of the road), strangely pointy rock formations that rise next to the Maule River.

From the road you can see the parking lot and then a paved path, in 20 steps you will be at the viewpoint.

That’s right, you don’t have take the usual uphill trail to have this views. You can have this in only a few steps and completely free of charge.

The Pehuenche Pass borders much of the Maule Lagoon, it is currently 100% paved, very easy to navigate.

The Laguna del Maule is located 2,400 mts high, so it tends to be colder than the valley, and it is also very windy, so I recommend wearing a jacket or windbreaker.

More inspiration…

Video by AERONOVA imágenes aéreas

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