Hidden gems in central Chile

In Chile you can fin the beautiful Chilean Patagonia, the stunning Desert in the north, but there are tons of places in Central Chile waiting to be discovered, one of them is the Inverted Waterfall (Cascada Invertida).

Inverted Waterfall, Cordillera de los Andes

About 130 km from Talca, towards east, Andes mountain range is this waterfall that became popular under the name of Inverted Waterfall. 

Instead of going down and crashing into the Maule River, the water returns and rises towards the sky, due to the strong winds that form on the cliff. 

You can see this type of phenomenon in other places, such as Iceland, Hawaii, Ireland, among others.

Have you seen a waterfall like this?

From the road you’ll see a parking lot and marked path towards the waterfall. To see the water going back up in the air, it should be windy day, so it is better to visit between August and April, summer time. In winter the winds in the Andes tend to decrease.

You should be very careful because the wind can get extreme and may make you lose your balance when standing on the rocky cliff, so by all means avoid the edges.

Bring warm clothes, hopefully waterproof, because you will probably end up taking a little shower courtesy of the Inverted Waterfall.

More inspiration…

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