Hiking The Alps in Styria Austria

You should know I never had Austria as a travel destination in my life, much less hiking the Alps.

It all started when I met some German travelers who told me they lived in southern Austria and showed me the mountains and nature around their area. I was shocked.

A few months later I met them again in Europe to hike this unforgettable, but also strenuous two-day path in the Northern Limestone Alps in the Austrian state of Styria.

The trail runs through a part of the Hochschwab mountain range, which takes its name after the highest mountain, Hochschwab  2,277 mt.

Sunset on The Alps in #Austria

Map from Moonhoneytravel

Our adventure began in Graz, a small town in southern Austria, where you can find good bars, museums, restaurants, a variety of nightlife such as concerts, clubs, even an Opera House, although it is usually closed during the summer.

We drove from Graz up to Bus Stop Seewiesen Dullwitz, then took Bus 172 from Kapfenberg or Bruck/Mur to start the trail, if you’re not sure you can ask the driver to drop you off at Seeberg, where the trail starts.

From here you start going up, there is a big steep path, just at the beginning. But don’t quit because after a while the views are unbelieveble.

This is where the path starts.
Views at the beginning of the path.

At the end of the trail, you get to a sort of big highway next to Münichtal Schule bus stop. We waited Bus 820 to Leoben Train Station and took a train back to were the car was parked.

This mountain range is a great hiking destination if you wan to see beautiful mountain scenery and wildlife.

The first day we started in Seeberg and walked all the way up to Voisthaler Hütte, where you can stay and eat.

There are at least 8 trails you can do from here in one day, so if you have more days, you can spend them walking the entire area. Places are limited so book in advance.

An alternative for lodging is Schiestlhaus, the highest refuge in the area. It is a very modern building located just below Hochschwab mount so it is a very nice location to stay and hike to the summit.


The prices for lodging can vary from 28 to 36 euros if you’re not an Alpine Association Member, depending on the type of room.

You can get an anual subscription to get better prices if you’re planning to stay for a period of time or visit other hiking destinations in the Alps.

The refuge is also known for its great cuisine, in fact they call this trail one of the best culinary hiking experiences in Austria.

What makes Hochschwab special from other Alps hikes is the abundant wildlife you can see on the trail.

Alpine Ibex (Steinbock) in the distance

The best time to go hiking the Alps is the Europpean summer (May – Sept). Remember you should always bring a warm jacket, waterproof shoes and jacket.

Hochschwab Mountains Hiking day 1
Hochschwab Mountains Hiking day 2
Hochschwab Mountains Hiking day 2

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