3 days in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has something for everyone. For lovers of nature or urban life. The Portuguese capital will always be a good option if you have a few days off to travel and don’t want to spend tons of money. In this article you will find my 3-day itinerary in Lisbon, using the Lisboa Card that isContinue reading “3 days in Lisbon, Portugal”

How I managed to travel cheap on my first solo adventure in Europe

Leaving the University, I began to prepare my first trip alone to another continent. Actually, it was an idea I had been contemplating for years, but now the conditions were given: I was making money on my first job and eventually I would have time. As a good lover of contemporary history, my goal wasContinue reading “How I managed to travel cheap on my first solo adventure in Europe”

Hiking The Alps in Styria Austria

You should know I never had Austria as a travel destination in my life, much less hiking the Alps. It all started when I met some German travelers who told me they lived in southern Austria and showed me the mountains and nature around their area. I was shocked. A few months later I metContinue reading “Hiking The Alps in Styria Austria”