Marble Caves in Patagonia, Chile

Deep in Chilean Patagonia there are stunning and strange rock formations that will leave you breathless. The Marble Caves or Catedral de Mármol as the locals know it, are a series of naturally sculpted caves off the coast of General Carrera Lake in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. The site is comprised of three massiveContinue reading “Marble Caves in Patagonia, Chile”

Hidden gems in central Chile

In Chile you can fin the beautiful Chilean Patagonia, the stunning Desert in the north, but there are tons of places in Central Chile waiting to be discovered, one of them is the Inverted Waterfall (Cascada Invertida). Inverted Waterfall, Cordillera de los Andes About 130 km from Talca, towards east, Andes mountain range is thisContinue reading “Hidden gems in central Chile”

When is the best time to go to Patagonia?

One of the most frequently asked question when planning this trip seems to be: when to travel to Patagonia?, and it should be. Due to its location the weather in the southern most tip of South America can be extreme, but so is its beauty. Most people choose summer (December – March), because of theContinue reading “When is the best time to go to Patagonia?”