Hidden gems in central Chile

In Chile you can fin the beautiful Chilean Patagonia, the stunning Desert in the north, but there are tons of places in Central Chile waiting to be discovered, one of them is the Inverted Waterfall (Cascada Invertida). Inverted Waterfall, Cordillera de los Andes About 130 km from Talca, towards east, Andes mountain range is thisContinue reading “Hidden gems in central Chile”

Hidden destinations in central Chile

Most know Chile for the natural wonders found in the south or north of the country. But the truth is that the central area is also full of beautiful surprises to discover. One of them is Monjes Blancos (White Monks), Viewpoint. Monjes Blancos Viewpoint The Monjes Blancos viewpoint is located at kilometer 137 of routeContinue reading “Hidden destinations in central Chile”

Why visit Atacama Desert?

Atacama Desert, located high up in the North of Chile, is the driest desert in the world, full of otherwordly landscapes, rich native cultures and amazing adventures. To visit San Pedro de Atacama and its’ surroundings is a lesson about loneliness, humility and magic, tought by the greatest master of all, our mother nature. MajorContinue reading “Why visit Atacama Desert?”